Nikki Byrne

Nikki’s early career started in the commercial production industry, first in post-production and later producing commercials. She eventually shifted her professional life away from the film industry – but not her personal life as her husband is a television director – and has spent close to 20 years working with a range of social and environmental organizations. As a lover of documentary filmmaking, Nikki was grateful to be involved in the production of a documentary about 5 young women facing life in the wake of their HER2+ breast cancer diagnosis, and also launched the world’s first breast cancer film festival.

Today, Nikki works for Fashion Takes Action, a non-profit organization focused on removing barriers to sustainability, ethics and circularity in fashion. Nikki is thrilled to be able to marry the worlds of film and fashion through her role on the selection committee for CANIFFF, recognizing the incredible impact that can be made through the medium of film.