Arvinder Kaur

Arvinder Kaur graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design. For the past three years, she has worked as a Textile Designer for House of Masaba Pvt. Ltd. Arvinder was curious about the management side of the fashion industry, so she enrolled in Humber’s Fashion Management postgraduate program in September 2022.  She also volunteers as a content creator and coordinator for the Humber Fashion Postgrad social media account.

Arvinder enjoys writing poetry and quotes based on her personal observations and is passionate about concept creation and creative solutions. Her co-workers used to call her a “print bank” because she was so quick with doodling and print development. Her goal in life is to build on her passion for creation and leave the world a better place with at least one positive impact. She strives to be part of a team that is compassionate, honest, and kind to one another.