Alysha Newman

Olympian Alysha Newman sees no limits to how high she can truly go. On or off the track, Alysha lives to raise the bar wherever she goes! The Canadian pole vault record holder has won medals at both the Commonwealth and Pan Am Games and is eyeing a podium performance at the 2022 Summer Olympic Games in Japan. Newman is currently ranked 3th in the world but has bigger plans than just being an Olympic medalist.

Off the Pole Vault runway, Alysha has become a popular health & wellness advocate. Graduating from the University of Miami with a bachelor of Exercise Physiology and a minor in sports med. She loves spending time focusing on living a healthy and happy lifestyle through her newly launched website and Alysha pushes limits and believes life is a journey of constantly surprising yourself and breaking boundaries. Modelling for top companies such as Nordstrom, Nike, Agent Provocateur and many more. With a creative eye, Alysha is the ultimate fashion icon, bringing fashion and excitement wherever she goes. She believes young or wise you can always better yourself as a person. She turns failure and adversity to lessons learned and never fails to understand the importance of living a balanced lifestyle.