Stéphane Ashpool

Stephane was born into a creative family, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Pigalle district. His mother, Doushka, was a professional ballet dancer at the Sarajevo Opera before she came to Paris to pursue her career. His father, John, is an artist renowned for his sculptural work. This artistic background was a big inspiration for him, playing high-performance basketball during the day and coming back at night to a home filled with creativity. Stephane got a Cultural Mediation university degree from Sorbonne Nouvelle, before pursuing music industry studies. At 20 years old, Stephane Ashpool initiated the creation of the creative collection Pain O choKolat with a group of friends. The collective aimed to organize various events in the field of music, fashion and sports. It was a natural evolution for Stephane Ashpool to create Pigalle, a store and a brand encompassing his love for eclectic cultures.