Sergio Lasky


Sergio Lasky is one of the founders and partners of UNIKRON a Video Production Company specializing in Corporate Videos and Streaming Media. He is a successful entrepreneur, video producer, artist and photographer. He came to Canada 21 years ago, bringing with him his extensive experience in graphic design and business management. He was recognized by Latinos Magazine as one of the 10 most successful Mexicans in Canada in 2014. The issue was distributed in The Globe & Mail newspaper to mark the 70th anniversary of trade relations between Mexico and Canada.


Sergio continues to lead Unikron making great strides working with customers in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. with “The perfect combination of technology, design and video production”. Sergio shows his passion for everything he does both in business and his personal life.


Outside of his business, his passions include yoga and his photography projects. Yoga is everything for Sergio Lasky and he enjoys spending time meditating and appreciating the small things in life. His long-running photography project “Special Faces Toronto” was born from his experiences as an immigrant and is his way of showcasing and celebrating the diversity of life in Canada. He photographs the faces of the people he meets in everyday life and shares these, along with the stories behind the faces, on his Instagram. Sergio does not discriminate. He loves life and everybody in it.