Gilles Hebert


Art Curator and actor

Gilles Hébert has been actively engaged in visual art since the 1980’s while living in six Canadian cities. His early work included object graffiti interventions on construction-site fencing in downtown Winnipeg and Toronto. Since then, he has been active as both an artist and a curator locally, and across Canada, and beyond. Hebert has served as the Director of the Mendel Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Windsor, and the Art Gallery of Alberta. Most recently he was Vice-President at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. His interest in film dates back to the film studies courses he took in undergraduate school. He has made several video works over the years. This past winter, he acted in the Guy Maddin and Johnson brothers film, The Rabbit Hunters, where he shared the role of Federico Fellini with Isabella Rossellini. He has returned to his practice as an independent curator and artist.


Instagram: @Egideh