Giansandro Cantori

Giansandro Cantori (1)

Publisher and creative director.

Giansandro Cantori began his career in the mid 80’s in Milan as young publisher of a cult free ads paper In town Magazine. He has dealt with promotions and products placement in the cinema world and responsible for an advertising format for the largest chain of Italian cinemas. He worked in that period as an executive producer and partner in a production house for advertising films.

During the following years, he worked as publisher in the luxury lifestyle market taking care of publications such as Monsieur magazine and Laureus World Sport Awards, to subsequently become editor and editorial director of Verve International, Roadbook magazine and Protagonist house of Ferretti Group. Today is publisher in chief of Bespoke the chic and cool, and he currently holds the position of Creative Director of the Beretta Gallery international and consultant for lifestyle companies as their creative director.

He has won a Silver Lion at Advertising Cannes Film Festival with the spot “Italtel Armani, Notturno”.

Giansandro Currently lives between Milan and London


Instagram: @Bespoke23