Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson

Executive Producer – TV, Film and Financier

Frank Anderson is a television and film producer and financier to various start-up companies. His strength lies in defining premium projects and marrying them with the capital and relationships required to make them a reality.

Mr. Anderson works very closely with United Talent Agency, Freemantle Media NA, Lionsgate Entertainment, Propagate Content and Thunderbird Entertainment.
Mr. Anderson is the Executive Producer of feature films “I am Paul Walker”, “I Am Patrick Swayze” and “I Am Ricard Pryor” to name a few.

As Executive Chairman at Network Media Group Inc. Mr. Anderson was focused on helping Network become one of the world’s leading developers and producers of entertainment properties for the global marketplace and its worldwide audience.
Its productions include:

The Academy Award shortlisted feature documentary Facing Ali, as well as documentaries on the lives of Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, Evil Knievel, Johnny Cash, Chris Farley (which set all time ratings records for Spike), JFK Jr., Heath Ledger, Paul Walker, Patrick Swayze and most recently Richard Pryor. Network also produced “Punk” executive produced by John Varvatos and Iggy Pop.

Mr. Anderson is a past partner at JASH along with Doug DeLuca the current Co-Executive Producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Daniel Kellison the co-creator of Jackhole Entertainment with Jimmy Kimmel and was the producer of “Late Night” with David Letterman. Jash was sold to Group 9 in 2018.

Mr. Anderson has over 35 years experience in the capital markets. Having spent 18 years as an investment advisor and partner at Canaccord Capital Corp, the largest independent non- bank owned investment firm in Canada,. He has broad knowledge in the natural resource, technology, entertainment, and life sciences sectors. Mr. Anderson has sat on many boards over the years.


Instagram: @FrankInVan